IDEC / Overview

logo_4A mixed methods design will be employed in this research project due to the aim of the project to deepen the understanding on the ethical aspects in the context of EOL care. The use of both qualitative and quantitative methods will allow gaining theoretical insight into the multidimensional nature of the EOL care context. Furthermore, a combination of the traditional channels and social media will be used for the recruitment of participants. Finally, the results of the studies will be integrated into a theoretical framework of the ethical aspects of EOL care.

Three parts may be identified in this research project:

Ethical aspects of EOL care

This study describes the ethical aspects of EOL care and the underlying social processes from the different stakeholders’ perspectives.

Euthanasia attitudes

This study explores individuals’ attitudes towards euthanasia and associated factors in Finland, Spain and the UK. In addition to the comparison of the attitudes, this study aims to describe the underlying reasons for individuals’ euthanasia-related attitudes.

Ethical aspects of EOL care in education

This study identifies and describes the current state of the ethical aspects of EOL care in nurses’ education in Finland and Spain.

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